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Apartment hapjung (Hongdae)

Only 5 Minutes to Hongdae and Subway Station Hajpung (Line 2, 1 station away from hongdae but walking disatance)

Perfect Location for Yonsei, Ehwa, Sogang and Hongik University, as well as Universities round Line 2 (Green Line)

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Your house
- Apartment available : 3 bedrooms apartment
- Bathrooms: 1 bathroom  
- Washing Machines: 1 in each house

Facilities Included:
- Kitchen with Fridge, Stove, Cooking Utensils, Microwave
- Dining Table 
- Bathrooms with Shower, Toilet, Sink
- Shoe Shelves, Laundry Hangers
- Cleaning and trash disposal is on your own

Room Facilities Included:
- Wifi in every room
- Air Conditioning and Floor Heating
- Bed with Matress
- Desk, Chair, Shelf, Clothes Hangers

Not included in the Rent:
- Room Cleaning, Trash Bags and Disposal, Laundry Detergent, Toilet Paper, Towels and other personal Hygienic Items

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